Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on dine-in or takeout.

300 points = $10.00 in Enrico’s Bucks!

Plus, get access to exclusive, limited-time offers on food, packaged goods, and merch!

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ANY questions?

How do the rewards work?

For every $1.00 you spend you earn one point. For every 300 points, you will earn $10.00 in Enrico’s Bucks. Taxes, coupons, and delivery charges do not count towards points earned. Excludes: clothing merchandise, catering, and special events.


Register with the form above or visit the restaurant and let your server know you’re interested in joining.

Do I need to register my account?

Yes, you need to register your account in order to earn and redeem rewards.

How do I earn points or rewards?

In order to receive credit for your purchase, you must tell your server prior to payment that you are a member. You will need to provide your registered phone number.

Does your system automatically add my loyalty account onto the order?

Unfortunately, at this time the system does not automatically apply your loyalty account onto the order. You must mention you are a loyalty member and provide either your registered phone number to earn rewards.

I ordered on Door Dash and did not receive my points?

Door Dash is not a qualifying purchase. If you would like to receive points for online purchases, please order from our website www.enricositalian.com.

How can I track my points?

You can ask any employee to check your points balance.

What are Enrico Bucks?

Enrico bucks are reward dollars that will automatically be uploaded into your account. Once you reach 300 points, you will receive $10.00 in Enrico Bucks. These are treated as a coupon with some restrictions and an expiration date. You can use Enrico Bucks toward any food/soft drink purchase. Enrico Bucks may not be used toward gift card purchases or liquor purchases.

How do I redeem my rewards and/or Enrico’s bucks?

You can redeem rewards or Enrico Bucks on your next visit by asking your server, cashier, phone attendant.

Do Enrico’s bucks expirE?

Yes, Enrico’s Bucks do expire. You will have six months to redeem your Enrico bucks unless otherwise noted. Special rewards may have shorter expiration dates.

Can I use my KITCHEN CLUB CARD on any order?

Yes, you can use it on dine-in or takeout, but you must mention that you are a member because it is not automatically applied to your check.

If I forgot to give my KITCHEN Club information on my last order, can I still acquire those points?What if it is just after I’VE PAID?

If it is still the day of, a server can pull up the ticket and add your account onto it.

Do I need to show the KITCHEN Club Card to get credit?

No, once you register your card and link your account to a phone number, it is no longer required. You will use your phone number in place of the card. However, if you prefer to use the card in place of providing your phone number, you can show your card to your server.

I lost my card, how can I get a new one?

We cannot issue replacement cards. These are only meant to be temporary. Please use the phone number associated with your account.

Can I use my KITCHEN CLUB and a coupon?

Yes, you can use your loyalty account on an order with a coupon; however you will only receive credit towards rewards on actual money spent (not including coupons, tax, or Enrico’s Bucks). We typically only allow for one offer per order per day, so multiple coupons and/or offers cannot be used in addition to Kitchen Club offers.

Do I get points on reward dollars used?

No, the points are based on the actual money spent (not including coupons, tax, alcohol, gratuities, or Enrico’s Bucks).

Can I receive rewards for purchasing gift card?

No, gift card purchases do not earn rewards.

Can I split a bill and use multiple accounts?

No, due to system limitations, we cannot do this in the computer system.


Yes, but the account will only be linked to one phone number. Please make sure your family members know which phone number to use with every purchase.

Can I use my Enrico’S bucks to purchase gift cards?

No, unfortunately Enrico’s Bucks cannot be used towards gift card purchases.

Why are my points accumulating, but I’m not earning any rewards?

Your account has not been registered. An un-registered account will still accumulate points, but in order to redeem your rewards you will need to complete registration.

Will I get a card?

You may receive a card initially, but once you register your account you will not need a card to earn rewards. All you need is your registered phone number.

I want to change information on my account, how can I do that?

You may update your information at the restaurant. Just let the hostess know.

I’m still having difficulties, is there someone I can contact for assistance?

Yes, please email info@enricositalian.com.